About Steve Miller

Advanced Diploma Financial Services (Financial Planning) / The Securities and Derivatives Industry Association (SDIA) Accredited Program (RG146) / Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Brokering

Steve has been in the Finance and Banking services industry for over 35 years enjoying a successful career in Financial Services Sales and Management with The St. George Group. Steve's success in key areas include:  SME (Small  Medium Enterprise) and Commercial Lending, Private Banking, Third Party Intermediaries (Financial Planning, Stock Brokers and Mortgage Origination) Retail Bank Manager,  Personal Financial Services and Insurance Services.

Steve's extensive experience equip him to advise expertly on all aspects of Lending. Those with a particular interest in SME and Commercial Lending and Home Lending will find him a trusting ally in understanding your business and ability to capture value.

Justice of The Peace (SA) 22457